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Our Roasting Profiles

Unsure of which roast to order. We offer the following roast designated blends. They are blended for overall balance between possible coffee characteristics while retaining the specific roast level of flavor.

City Roast

Our standard roast unless specified otherwise. Chestnut brown. Peak flavor.

Vienna Roast / Full City Roast

Dark brown with small amounts of oil on the bean's surface, light roast flavor. Also in Organic and Decaffeinated.

Italian Roast

Dark brown with rich amounts of oil on the bean?s surface, good dark roast flavor. Considered a Northern Italian blend. Also in Organic and Decaffeinated.

French Roast

The darkest roast on the planet. Blackened oily beans with a deep smoky flavor and coffee flavor highlights. Our darkest roast-but never scorched. A 18-19 minute roast. Also in Organic and Decaffeinated