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Just Roasted Coffees offers a variety of options when ordering your coffee. Refer to this list if you have any questions while ordering your coffee.

  • Whole Bean - This is actually a bean out of the roaster which has not yet been ground. It is best to purchase whole bean coffee when the freshest tasting coffee is desired. However, you'll need to grind your coffee before brewing it using a burr grinder or coffee mill (blade grinder).
  • Coarse (French Press or Percolator) - A coarse ground coffee is primarily used for the press pot, which is also known as the French press. When brewing coffee in a French Press or Percolator, the coffee grounds are in contact with water for a relatively long period of time (2-4 minutes, depending on volume). Because of the longer brew cycle, a coarse coffee grind with larger granules is recommended.
  • Medium - Use in Regular Drip coffee machines or Flat-bottomed filter. This coffee grind resembles sugar and is used primarily with vacuum and flat-bottom drip makers. It is the most versatile grind and suits most drip brewing methods.
  • Fine - Espresso requires a fine grind in order for the extraction to be perfect. Many people likes this grind for a regular coffee maker, but it can leave sediments at the bottom of the coffee pod.
  • Extra Fine - Can be used in some espresso machines.
  • Super Fine - It is use for the Turkish coffee maker (ibrik).