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Blending is an ever-changing art where one creates a greater impression or feeling not found in the separate blend components. The key to creating a great blend is not by a recipe but by comparative cupping. Coffees with the same country origin name can differ from farm to farm and even harvest-to-harvest. Of course when we purchases coffee directly from certain plantations based on sample, many of these problematic variances are eliminated. However, over time changing weather conditions, farming methods, plant blights, etc. force us to locate and purchase from other plantations to keep our blends consistent in acidity, body, flavor and aroma. Blending is truly an ever-changing art. 

Current Offerings

  • African Safari Blend - A unique experience. Africa's finest coffees blended together creating a truly wonderful coffee.
  • Black Gold - Lighter roast allows for flavor profiles to flourish order now
  • Breakfast Brew - Cinnamon roasted. Low in body, subtle in flavor with a slight snap for acidity.
  • Euro-Dark Blend - A strong and smooth cup with a full body.
  • European Blend - A complex full bodied taste with a hint of smoke.
  • Kaldi's Blend - A light roasted blend. Light in acidity but rich in flavor.
  • Metro Blend - Clean, mild flavor with a bold & rich winey profile.
  • Mocha Java - Unique rich creamy taste. Slight fruitiness with a very special appeal.
  • Neapolitan Blend - Dark, heavy Italian style roast. Combination of Brazilian Santos and a rich African bean.
  • Original 7 Bean Blend - Seven of the world's finest coffees blended together creating a unique, intense coffee. Full body.
  • Parisian Blend - Roasted to a traditional European darkness. Bold, rich, & sharp flavor.
  • Roaster's Select - Complex blend with a well balanced taste. Slight smoky sharpness for "The Perfect Cup".
  • Trans-Continental - Heavy body with a universal delight.