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Australian: Slightly pungent with a hint of pinion nuts are at depth of this origin. It comes on strong over the palate as the coffee cascades past your taste buds.

Brazilian Santos: Light body, mild acidity, medium roast and mild flavor.

Celebes Kalossi: Exceptionally great coffee, full body and smooth, syrupy, spicy flavor with hints of oak.

Colombian Supremo: South American specialty with a fine, mild and satisfying flavor. A rich, full bodied taste that includes a slight snap of acidity.

Costa Rican Tarrazu: Known for it's mild, clean, tangy, and refreshing flavor. The hard bean Tarrazu is a consistently fresh coffee. This origin has medium body and a distictive snap of acidity.

Dominican Republic: Smooth, bright and armatic with medium body.

Ethiopian Harrar: A wildly sharp, tanginess and thick bodied liquor.

Ethiopian Sidamo: Clean aroma. Mild dlavor with an excellent body.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: From birthplace of coffee rare but worth the search! Defined by a wildly sharp tanginess and thick bodied liquor.

French Roast: Blackened, oily beans with a deep, smoky flavor and smooth finish on the palate. Our darkest roast but never scorched. Midly acidic and smooth while sharply aromatic.

Italian Roast: Considered a dark roast. Has a pleasant intensity and sharpness with a strong flavor that finishes quite smooth.

Guatemala Antigua: Smoother than the Costa Rican, medium bodied, consistent coffee. Smoky aroma and aftertaste.

Hawaiian Kauai: Kauai coffee has a full body with pronounced floral accents. Scarce and unique.

Hawaiian Kona: Light to medium body. Distictively acidic with a crisp taste. The only U.S. grown Arabica coffee.

Indian Mysore: A large bean, full body and wild. Fruity and nutty make this an erotic coffee choice.

Jamaican Blue Mountain: Certified Wallenford Estate coffee. The only way you know it is actually Blue Mountain grade and quality. Considered the finest and rarest coffee. Produced similar to heavy bodied Kona.

Java Estate: We select the finest coffees of this Indonesian Isle. These beans posses a nippy, sweet taste with nut and herb overtones in the aroma. Medium body and acidity makes this a very well rounded coffee.

Kenya AA: Possibly the world's finest. Full body and sharp acidity with the winey flavor of black currants.

Malawi: Light acidity and full body. Natural piney flavor with white wine overtones.

Mexican Altura Pluma: Medium bodied. Low in acidity that leaves a pleasant finish or lingering taste on the palate. Pleasantly sweet.

Nicaraguan Matagalpa: Hand selected, 100% bourbon, 100% sun dried, very large beans grown 4500 feet above sea level. Rich body with chocolate and spice overtones as well as bright impression on the palate.

Panama Bouquete: Sweet, fruity taste, upfront with an earthy undertone. Low in acidity, but full bodied. Mellow chocolate aftertaste and aroma with less acidity than Costa Rican with more body.

Papua New Guinea: The highest grade from the finest region in the country. Full body and sweet, fruity sharpness. One of the world's best.

Puerto Rican: Softly bittersweet with a buttery, creamy body. Mild intensity.

Rwanda Ingoboka: Perfectly balanced cup with sweet and sour mandarin notes. Medium intensity.

Sumatra Mandheling: This naturally processed Indonesian coffee carries a heavy, syrupy body along with very little acidity. It has a creamy or winey taste with a deep aroma.

Tanzanian Peaberry: Grown at the base of Kilimanjaro, this coffee produces a single, round bean per cherry. Heavy body with subtle flavors of wine or ripe fruit.

Vienna Roast: Medium bodied with just a hint of dark roast flavor.



African Safari Blend: Africa's finest coffees blended together creating a truly wonderful coffee. Well balanced, full bodied with medium acidity. Enjoy the journey!

Black Gold: Complex blend of Sumatra Mandheling, Tanzanian Peaberry, Colombian and Costa Rican at a full city roast. Developed exclusively for espresso.

Breakfast Brew: A blend of Central & Latin American coffees, cinnamon roasted. The taste is low in body, subtle in flavor with a slight snap for acidity.

Cappuccine Blend: Estate coffees from Tanzania, Costa Rica, Sumatra, and Colombia make for a perfect balance of body, acidity, and rich in flavor. The choice for a smooth, sweet espresso or dark, rich brew.

Casa Cera Espresso: Bold, Italian espresso formulated to match the profile of authentic Italian recipes. Rich crema, sweet flavor and smooth finish. Will stand out in a cappuccino but is at its best straight up.

Euro Dark Blend: Using the finest Nicaraguan beans, we blend our hearty French roast with our delicately smooth yet robust Italian roast to create a wonderfully strong and smooth cup with full body and medium acidity.

European Blend: Central and South American beans roasted to a Vienna roast giving a complex, full bodied taste with just a hint of smoke.

Italian Roast: Ebony colored oily beans with sharp flavors of dark roasted nuts, a tangy acidity and medium body. Makes a great, sharp espresso.

Kaldi's Blend: A lightly roasted blend. Light in acidity but rich in flavor.

Kona Blend: The mild acidity and fresh nutty taste of the Kona, combined with the rich, full bodied taste of the Colombian beans blended in.

Latte Blend: Dark roasted Indonesian & Central American coffees create a heavy body with an intense, smoky flavor. Excellent for brewing or making espresso.

Metro Blend: This rich blend combines the subtle elegance of Hawaiian Kauai with it's clean, mild flavors, bold, full bodied Colombian and rich, winey Sumatra Mandheling, for a truly unique taste profile. All the coffees are roasted at a "City Roast" unless otherwise specified.

Mocha Java Blend: The unique, rich and creamy taste of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, combined with the slight fruitiness and sweet aste of bean from the island of Java give this world famous blend its special appeal.
Neapolitan Blend: For all you dark coffee lovers. Neapolitan Blend is made of a dark, heavy Italian style roast from a combination of Brazilian Santos and a rich African bean.

Pacific Espresso Blend: A Seattle style espresso blend with a heavy body and strong, smooth aftertaste. For the espresso connoisseur!

Parisian Blend: A compex blend of African, Centrals, & Indonesian coffees. Roasted to traditional European darkness. Bold, rich and a sharp flavor.

Roaster's Select: A complex blend with a well balanced taste given the after roast blending of medium and dark roasted beans. Slight smoky sharpness for the "Perfect Cup."   7 Bean Blend: Seven of the world's finest coffees from Africa, Central % South America, Indonesia, Asia and the islands are used to create a truly unique, intense coffee. Full body and aroma. Distictive flavor.

Trans-Continental Blend: We spanned the globe and the SCAA color system to bring you this universal delight. Well balanced, medium to heavy body, heavy aroma and a silky, rich aftertaste.   Velvet Hammer Blend: Intense in every category - Colombian, Guatemala, and Sumatra providing body and sharp acidity enveloped in a smoky flavored Italian roast. The Coffee Lover's coffee!

Fair Trade Certified Organics

FTO Brazilian:
Certified Fair Trade Organic. Mild intensity and low acidity with a honey like tone.

FTO Breakfast Brew: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Mild blend of three growing regions.

FTO Colombian: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Perfect balance of body, acidity, and rich in flavor.

FTO Ethiopian Yergacheffe @ IR: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Bold intensity at an Italian style roast. Heavy body with a stong "natural" character. Earthy and fruity with a hint of Black Currant notes.

FTO European Blend: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Delicate and mellow.

FTO French Roast: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Dark roast with intense flavor.

FTO Gautemala: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Smooth, medium body. Smoky aroma and aftertaste.

FTO Italian Roast: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Heavy body with intense flavor.

FTO Kaldi's Blend: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Blend of mild and smooth taste that gives this FTO an earthy undertone.

FTO Latte Blend: Certified Fair Trade Organic. A dark roast with heavy acidity.

FTO Mexican Altura: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Medium body with low acidity.

FTO Mountain Harvest Blend: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Full city roast that creates a creamy body with a gentle kick.

FTO Nicaraguan: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Rich body with chocolate and spice overtones.

FTO Peruvian: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Well balanced bean with full body and acidity.

FTO Rainforest: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Medium roast that produces a rich, fruity aftertaste.

FTO Roaster's Select: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Well balanced taste.

FTO Sumatra: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Carries a heavy, syrupy body with very little acidity.

FTO Velvet Hammer Blend: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Intense in every category. Sharp acidity enveloped in a smoky flavor.

FTO Vienna Roast: Certified Fair Trade Organic. A hint of dark roast flavor.


Breakfast Brew Decaf: Mild tasting, full bodied brew.

Black Gold Decaf: Medium bodied, full flavor. A perfect choice for decaffeinated lovers, doesn't taste like decaf.

Colombian Supermo Decaf: Fine mild taste. Full bodied brew with the caffeine removed.

Colombain Decaf - Swiss Water Process: Naturally decaffeinated, chemical free. Full flavor.

Costa Rican Tarrazu Decaf: Known for it's clean, mild, tangy taste.

Ethiopian Decaf: Wildly sharp tanginess without the caffeine.

French Roast Decaf: A heavy body with an intense, smoky flavor.

FTO French Roast Decaf: Certified Fair Trade Organic. A heavy body for excellent decaf brewing.

FTO Mexican Le Selva Decaf: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Medium body, low in acidity.

FTO Vienna Decaf: Certified Fair Trade Organic. Perfect balance oflight and dark roasts.

Hawaiian Kauai Decaf - Swiss Water Process: Naturally decaffeinated, chemical free. Unique taste.

Italian Decaf: Creates a heavy body with intense, smoky flavor.

Latte Blend Decaf: Indonesian & Central American beans creates a heavy body with intense, smoky flavor.

Pacific Espresso Decaf: Heavy body with strong, smooth aftertaste.

Sumatra Mandheling Decaf: Heavy, syrupy body with a very little acidity. Smooth, full taste with deep aroma.

Sumatra Decaf - Swiss Water Process: Naturally decaffeinated, chemical free. Smooth taste.

Velvet Hammer Decaf: Intense in every category. Sharp acidity enveloped in a smoky flavor. A great decaf choice.

Vienna Decaf: A perfect balance of light & dark roasts.