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Current Offerings

  • Aussie Coffee - Slightly pungent with a hint of pinion nuts. Toasted malt-like aftertaste.
  • COpHEE-Stomach Friendly - (acid reduced )Certified Colombian. Acid reduced.
  • Dominican Republic - Smooth, bright and aromatic with medium body.
  • Hawaiian Kauai Estate - Fuller body with pronounced floral accents.
  • Hawaiian Kona-Extra Fancy - Light to medium body. Crisp taste. U.S. Grown.
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain - Certified Wallenford Estate. Finest & rarest.
  • Kona Blend - Mild acidity. Fresh nutty taste.
  • Puerto Rican - Softly bittersweet with a buttery-creamy body. Mild intensity.
  • Rwanda Ingoboka - Perfectly balanced cup with sweet and sour mandarin notes. Medium intensity.