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Basic Turkish Coffee Recipe & How To Make Turkish Coffee

You will need a Turkish coffee pot also known as ibrik, ground coffee, sugar and some water. For one cup fill the ibrik with 3ozTurkish Coffee Ibrik of water. Add sugar to taste (if you like your Turkish coffee sweet) and top it with a heaping teaspoon of finely ground coffee. Stir the coffee a bit. The coffee seals the narrow top creating an oven effect.

Turkish Coffee 1. Put Ibrik on low fire (you can also use your stove or a tabletop burner).

2. As the water begins to heat it will foam up through the coffee.

3. When the foam ring starts appearing around the ibrik start stirring the coffee slowly.

4. As soon as the crema-foam increases and fills the top layer turn off the fire and lift the ibrik*.

5. Pour slowly into a small demitasse cup and it's ready for savoring.

6. Pay attention to the stirring and foaming because if you don't the coffee will foam up and create a mess everywhere!

Use a porcelain mug - I have found porcelain is the best in terms of allowing the coffee to taste it's best. Because it's not porous, it holds the warmth for longer periods which will help to preserve the flavor. These mugs are also reusable so they're environmentally friendly too! They're easy to find in any store and can even be picked up at a thrift store for pennies.