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Why choose SWISS WATER® Process?alt


The decaf coffee segment is a significant part of the coffee market, representing approximately 15% of total volume. Importantly, the decaf consumer is different than the regular coffee consumer. Our research studies indicate that this coffee consumer loves the taste of coffee but chooses to switch to decaffeinated coffee in order to reduce, minimize or eliminate the negative health impacts of caffeine.


They have developed a relationship with coffee and the coffee experience and want to maintain that relationship. That is why they drink decaf coffee as opposed to eliminating coffee altogether. These consumers are increasingly concerned about their health, and the foods and beverages they consume. SWISS WATER® Process stands for 100% chemical-free, great tasting decaf.

The brands that choose to use SWISS WATER® Process gain in trust, recognition and loyalty with these decaf consumers because they have chosen a non-chemical method of coffee decaffeination.

We have a host of sales aids, point of sale and educational materials to help your organization leverage the SWISS WATER® Brand credentials to build overall coffee sales.

Since many regular coffee drinkers will evolve to decaf we strongly believe that we can help build value for your brand and company.

 Compliments of: Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.